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Antonia – Antonia Sainz & Chad Rockwell – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Stunning Antonia Sainz dances to an operatic score, evocative black and white capturing her allure, as Andrej Lupin’s stylish “Antonia” begins. As the music builds to a crescendo, the screen bursts into color, Antonia looking gorgeous in a vivid pink dress. Meanwhile, Chad Rockwell is attempting to photograph some flowers, but sexy Antonia commands his attention, her sensual posing growing provocative as she flashes her beautiful big breasts. Pulling Chad closer, she showers him with kisses while she rubs his cock to full hardness through his pants. She’s soon jacking and sucking him voraciously, her breasts jiggling and bouncing. She lies back for Chad to feast on her shaved pussy, licking up and down her slit and sucking on her swollen clit, then guides his rigid length into her succulent slot. She raises a foot onto Chad’s shoulder to let him penetrate her deeply, squeezing her breasts as he thrusts into her with growing vigor. Antonia shudders with pleasure, her cries loud and lustful. They stand for Chad to do her from behind, Antonia’s breasts bouncing as she rises and falls on Chad’s cock, then rocks her hips to grind on him so sexily. Moving into cowgirl, she rides hard and fast, climaxing explosively and then finishing Chad off with her hands, jerking him frantically until he spurts his load all over her heaving tits. As they kiss, the look in Chad’s eyes says he’s never fucked anyone quite like “Antonia.”
Antonia featuring Antonia Sainz & Chad Rockwell by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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