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Ariel’s Secret – Project 7 Sade Rose – Ariel Piper Fawn & Sade Rose & Suzie Carina – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Ebony beauty Sade Rose is blindfolded and left naked on the bed, as “Project Seven” of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series “Ariel’s Secret” begins. A gorgeous topless redhead, Ariel Piper Fawn, enters the room and begins to caress Sade’s silky skin, teasing her dark nipples with her tongue. Stunning brunette Suzie Carina joins the pair, adding to Sade’s confused arousal as she also starts to touch her. Ariel kisses Sade seductively as Suzie strokes and licks her shaved pussy, making her gasp. Soon they are both using their fingers to drive her wild, strumming her clit as they kiss each other avidly. They switch places so Ariel can fingerbang Sade skilfully as Suzie rubs her clit, until she trembles through a powerful climax. After letting her catch her breath they switch again, frigging her to boiling point and then using a vibrator to send her through the roof. Giggling and squirming, she has an overwhelming series of orgasms. Finally, they leave her alone, still unaware of the identity of her partners as she confides to the crew that it was an intensely pleasurable experience.
Ariel’s Secret – Project 7 Sade Rose featuring Ariel Piper Fawn & Sade Rose & Suzie Carina by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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