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Bath Time – Aislin – Girl Gets Fucked Top


As her bath is running, beautiful Latvian blonde Aislin ties up her hair and undresses. She sighs as her statuesque body slips into the warm water, and immediately starts rubbing her hands all over her soft, pale skin. After a while she rolls over with her ass in the air and pulls her cheeks apart, before getting out of the water. She sits on the side of the tub, rubs moisturizer all over her body, and the more she rubs, the soapier it gets – especially when she moves her hand between her legs and starts rubbing hard on her pussy. She slips two fingers inside and drives them hard and fast. She pants loudly, her legs quiver, and she slides back into the tub as she reaches her climax.
Bath Time featuring Aislin by James Cook

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Aislin

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