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Before You Wake Up 2 – Nasita – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Desirable Nasita sits in front of her mirror getting ready for the day, curling her hair. But before she’s finished she just can’t resist having a little fun with herself. When she should be using her brush to apply blusher, she opens her shirt and strokes the fine hairs over the curves of her breasts. A little tease is all it takes to focus her attention on her body. She opens her shirt fully and lifts her skirt to grab at her own ass and squeeze her buns. Watching herself in the reflection, the beautiful brunette rubs at her pussy. Down come her panties and she raises one knee onto the dresser. Now she can really enjoy herself, sliding a finger between her tight lips, easing it inside her hole and rubbing at her clit. Turning around, she climbs up onto the table and spreads her legs wide open to give herself plenty of room, driving her fingers inside her pussy and masturbating for all she’s worth.
Before You Wake Up 2 featuring Nasita by Alex Lynn

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Nasita

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