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Bet My Boots 2 – Kylie Quinn – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Kylie loves to tease, it’s in her nature, especially when she’s outdoors. She pulls her denim cut offs up tight into her crotch then pulls her vest down to expose her wonderfully firm tits. Once the clothing comes off though, the teasing stops and it’s full speed ahead to a glorious orgasm. She sucks on a single digit, rubs it up and down her slit for a while then slides it inside the shiny pink folds of her pussy – to maximum penetration. Groaning intensely, she hits her goal. But why does she keep her boots on? That’s just how she rolls… and frigs, of course.
Bet My Boots 2 featuring Kylie Quinn by Charles Lightfoot

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Kylie Quinn

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