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Better Idea – Lady Bug & Thomas Lee – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Thomas Lee wants to take his girl skiing in the snowy Czech countryside; but cute Lady Bug has a far “Better Idea.” The pretty, half-naked babe straddles him, undresses him and strokes his rapidly stiffening cock against her panty-clad pussy. She takes it in her mouth, sucking and licking the shaft and circling the head wetly with her tongue, then mounts him in cowgirl, riding spiritedly. Thomas grabs her perfect ass as she bucks on him, taking him deep, cries of pleasure growing louder as her climax sweeps through her. Still trembling, she smiles and showers Thomas with thank you kisses. Cock still buried deep in her soaked, shaved pussy, Thomas flips Lady Bug onto her back, pinning her legs high as he plows into her vigorously. Pussy stretched snugly around his thrusting cock, she orgasms again. Back on top, she rides even more energetically, squatting to bounce and grind on his shaft, driving them both wild. Their shared excitement builds as they slam together faster and harder, their peak hitting simultaneously. Lady shudders in bliss as Thomas shoots his hot load inside her. Kissing through the afterglow, they both know Lady Bug had the “Better Idea” – and it appears she’s not actually averse to skiing after all, once she’s sexually satiated…
Better Idea featuring Lady Bug & Thomas Lee by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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