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Breakfast – Sade Rose & Teresse Bizzarre – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Ebony beauty Sade Rose prepares “Breakfast” while her gorgeous girlfriend Teresse Bizzarre watches hungrily with her hot, bare ass on show; but it’s not sustenance she has a hankering for. As Sade spoons her smoothie between her luscious lips, Teresse starts massaging her neck and shoulders sensually. At first Sade is reluctant to abandon her snack, but Teresse soon gets her attention, and leads her to the bedroom. Teresse gets naked and straddles Sade on the bed, kissing her tenderly and sucking her puffy nipples, then lifting her dress to stroke between her thighs. Teresse goes down to eat Sade’s sexy, dark-lipped, shaved pussy; when she slides a couple of fingers inside, thrusting fast and deep, the wet sounds of Sade’s arousal can be heard over her moans of excitement. Sade rubs her own clit, then tugs at her hard nipples as Teresse licks and frigs her. Back arching up off the bed and hips rocking, Sade rides out her girlfriend’s zealous finger-fucking until she climaxes with a quiet but intense gasp of release. Now Sade kisses her way down to Teresse’s pussy, lapping at her clit as she fingers her, pinching her nipples, driving her headlong towards her orgasm. The lovers kiss and cuddle happily, having savored their amorous “Breakfast” in bed.
Breakfast featuring Sade Rose & Teresse Bizzarre by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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