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Bubble Time 2 – Antonia Sainz – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Curvy Antonia Sainz is already horny and she hasn’t even started running a bath. She fondles her big breasts as she watches herself in the mirror, and finds a bottle of bath foam on the shelf, a gift to her. The phallic lid gets her thinking and she runs it over her titties and around her lips. She puts it between her big beautiful breasts and squeezes them around it, then into the tub she gets. Splashing water over her voluptuous body, she covers her tits in bubbles and shakes them deliciously. They jiggle and she laughs with the pleasure of it. Sitting on the side of the tub, she showers her body off, the water running down between her thighs. Grabbing the phallic lid, she rubs it over her shaved pussy, exciting her clit with it and slipping it inside her tight hole. Masturbating hard, she closes her eyes and her boobs sway as she rubs harder and harder.
Bubble Time 2 featuring Antonia Sainz by John Chalk

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Antonia Sainz

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