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Burlesque – Zazie – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Fun and frisky, blonde beauty Zazie pulls down her strapless top and flashes her sexy breasts, then does a twirl, spinning above the camera as her skirt whips up, panties tight against her pussy. How much fun do you want to have, because this horny babe is a handful! She’s so naughty, sliding her panties off as she sprawls on her bed, smiling as she yanks them from her feet, fingers spreading around her plump pussy lips, combing through her strip of pubic hair. She’s eager to spread her lips with her fingers, opening herself up for the camera, knees up around her ears, using both hands to toy with her slit. Now she’s hot for it and takes two fingers inside, driving them in and out, palm on her clit as she gets off. Those fingers make it to her mouth and she licks them and sends them back down to her clit, rubbing it harder and harder. Her orgasm sets her body twitching…
Burlesque featuring Zazie by Mads Lie Helin

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Zazie

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