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Candle – Lisa Dawn – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Hot blonde Lisa Dawn looks so sexy in her skimpy negligee, see through around her titties, too short to reach her waist, pussy bare. She combs a brush through her beautiful hair and sits back, her legs falling open, shaved pussy revealed, then takes a long-stemmed match out of a box and rubs it over her pussy lips before lighting some candles. Too horny for anything else, she takes off her top and plays with herself, fingers delving inside her juicy slit, climbing onto the coffee table and writhing in front of the naked flames. She grabs the candle and uses its base to rub at her clit, the flame burning bright, hot wax slipping down her body as she holds it over her breasts, dripping it onto her stiff nipple. Covered in wax, she pushes the burning candle into her pussy, trembling as she cums, the flame weaving as she plunges it in and out avidly.
Candle featuring Lisa Dawn by Vicente Silva

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Lisa Dawn

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