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Cassette – Dido A & Rosaline Rosa – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Irresistible blonde Dido A and her sexy brunette girlfriend Rosaline Rosa, naked apart from panties, wreak havoc on old audio tapes as Andrej Lupin’s evocative “Cassette” begins. Their beautiful faces are suffused with mischief, seduction and sexual tension as they drape each other with unraveled tape and lock lips with such unbridled passion that it’s evident they are deeply in lust. Their hands skim over each other’s skin, grabbing and squeezing tantalizingly; Rosaline straddles Dido and pushes one of her perfect-handful breasts into her girlfriend’s receptive mouth. Dido sucks on it heartily, then pulls Rosaline’s panties aside, strumming the lips of her shaved pussy and finger banging her hard and deep. Rosaline peels off her tight panties and stands astride Dido, balancing on the arms of the chair as she lowers her pussy onto Dido’s eager lips. The hot blonde’s tongue darts out, lapping at Rosaline’s sticky center; and the deeper Dido licks, the harder Rosaline grinds her pussy onto her mouth, until her body quakes with an overwhelming orgasm. They switch places, Rosaline bending like a pretzel in the chair to offer up her smooth, sweet pussy to Dido’s tongue. She moans with pleasure as Dido eats her voraciously, driving fingers into her slippery slit until her climax sweeps over her. Rosaline stands to finger Dido to the brink of orgasm, the horny blonde rocking her hips forward to meet each thrust of her lover’s fingers, until Rosaline replaces them with her mouth and finishes Dido off with her tongue. She lies back with legs raised high as Rosaline coaxes her to another climax with her tongue and fingers, leaving her gasping. As the girls start to tease one another again, it’s clear that the “Cassette” might be an outmoded form of entertainment, but Sapphic sex of this caliber is timeless.
Cassette featuring Dido A & Rosaline Rosa by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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