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Close Up – Alexis Crystal & Amaris – Girl Gets Fucked Top


So close you could reach out and touch them, the camera gets in tight with luscious lesbian lovers Alexis Crystal and Amaris in Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Close Up,” as they lock lips and squeeze nips, setting each other up for a pussy-eating, finger-banging fuck fest. We follow the lovers’ hands and mouths as they come together, watch every strand of saliva snap as they kiss and break apart, see their nipples stiffen in close up as each beautiful babe teases the other to breaking point. At last the camera pans out to the sight of gorgeous blondes Amaris and Alexis Crystal, both dressed in white, kneeling on the bed. Zooming back in on Alexis’s hands, she lifts her lover’s top while the camera focuses on one breast, the nipple revealed, fingers toying with it sensually. Amaris falls back onto her hands to watch her sweetheart suck on her titties, rising only to pull Alexis’s top up. She licks her fingers and then the camera joins those wet digits as they come to rest on her girlfriend’s darker nipples, rubbing them stiff until they jut out like diamonds. Amaris runs her tongue around them, making her squirm with pleasure, then rubs her pussy through her panties. When she tugs them aside and strokes her clit, we see every subtle ridge and crease in delicious detail. Amaris laps at her lover’s shaved pussy, tongue feeling its way between her plump labia, and Alexis closes her eyes, overwhelmed by the powerful sensations. The camera closes in on the sight of Amaris’s fingers inching their way inside, pussy glistening with saliva and juice, driving Alexis to an intense orgasm. But she’s not done yet, licking up the wetness she’s created, making her cum again. The camera captures Alexis’s red nailed fingers as she plays them through Amaris’s pink folds, sliding through her wet crease, seeking out her clit. She laps at her pussy, spreading her lips open, perfect ass in the air as she eats her avidly. Amaris straddles Alexis, climbing over her pretty face, grinding on her waiting tongue. With cinematography so intimate you’ll feel like you’re right there with them, “Close Up” is an erotic feast for the senses.
Close Up featuring Alexis Crystal & Amaris by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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