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Cool Me Down – Margot A & Rosaline Rosa – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Bikini-clad Rosaline Rosa and Margot A decide to “Cool Me Down” with an outdoor shower, but as they joyfully soak each other it doesn’t take long for the heat to rise. The two beautiful girls are soon naked and in each other’s arms, kissing tenderly. Freckle faced Margot eases sexy Rosaline back into a sun lounger and kisses her lips, her hand gently toying with Rosaline’s pussy. Margot sucks eagerly on Rosaline’s stiff nipples, her fingers grinding harder and harder, making her lover moan with pleasure. Rosaline struggles to contain herself, tipping her head back and thrusting against Margot as the busty babe stuffs two fingers into her wet pussy, fucking her harder and faster. Margot buries her face between Rosaline’s thighs, lapping at her clitoris, eager to make her girlfriend cum. Rosaline grips Margot’s wrist, making her fingers move even faster to rock her orgasm from her loins. But Margot loves to frig Rosaline and doesn’t let her get away with just one orgasm. Her fingers keep on sliding into Rosaline as she smiles down at her lustfully. She moves down to get her tongue deep inside Rosaline’s slot, spreading her pussy lips open and sucking them greedily into her mouth. Rosaline holds her legs high in the air to give her lover better access and Margot fingers another hard orgasm from her, lapping at her clit. Now Rosaline slides two fingers into Margot’s sopping pussy. Margot sinks back, her head on the ground, her hips on the lounger, as Rosaline tongues her skilfully. Margot’s so horny she rubs at her clit while Rosaline finger fucks her. With a thumb pressed up hard against Margot’s clit and two fingers delving into her hole, Rosaline drives an incredible orgasm out of her friend, whose loud cries of pleasure ring out passionately. It’s a powerful study of raw attraction and natural sexuality.
Cool Me Down featuring Margot A & Rosaline Rosa by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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