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Dance The Night Away – Sapphira A – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Sapphira A is preparing for a night out. She takes a final look in the mirror, grabs her handbag, and heads for the door. But then she hesitates, and that’s the moment when “Dance The Night Away” veers from the prospect of a crowded dance floor in a noisy club to a far more private venue, and a much more intimate agenda. After hastily removing her lipstick, Sapphira strips off her club clothes and slips into a pair of white panties and a tank top. Then she pads into the living room, takes a seat, and prepares to savor an evening of sweet self-indulgence. Before too long her breasts are exposed, her nipples teased to stiffness, as her hands explore her exquisitely shapely body. When rubbing her sex through the crotch of her panties hinders her progress, she pulls the fabric aside and plunges a single finger deep into her glistening pink orifice. Sapphira masturbates with ever-increasing intensity. She moans with self-induced sexual delight, uninhibited, unashamed, and focused only on her own pleasure. And as she vigorously strokes her clit and drives two slick fingers deep into her pussy her breathing gets deeper and her moans of ecstasy get louder until she’s swept away by a crashing wave of orgasmic pleasure. Witnessing the beauty and intensity of Sapphira’s climax is the obvious highlight of “Dance The Night Away,” but director Alis Locanta has included a beautiful and beguiling, if brief, interlude with Sapphira during the end credits. Here Sapphira, totally nude, stands in a darkened room, her body wrapped in twinkling lights. If Sapphira’s sincere, spontaneous, big, beaming smile at the end of the film doesn’t put a smile on your face, you may not have a face!
Dance The Night Away featuring Sapphira A by Alis Locanta

Date: December 23, 2022
Actors: Sapphira A

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