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Dancing On The Bridge 2 – Kitri – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Classically trained dancer Kitri shows off her balletic beauty in silk dress and bare feet, dancing on an iron bridge. Full of effortless grace, she leaps and spins as the sun rises, toes stretched en pointe. Her beautiful breasts bounce inside her dress, no bra to hold them, her nipples denting the silk material, an erotic, alluring vision. And then she takes us to her apartment where, flushed with the thrill and excitement of her early morning dance, she takes to her bed and spreads her legs, the dress hitched up over her hips as she rubs her shaved pussy with delight. She is too horny to tease herself, her body is alive with sexual energy. Her fingers delve inside her tight wet pussy with ease as she writhes on her sheets, two fingers in, palm pressed urgently against her clit. Her breath comes in gasps, her chest heaving as she fingers herself, masturbating hard and fast to a mind-blowing orgasm.
Dancing On The Bridge 2 featuring Kitri by Don Caravaggio

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Kitri

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