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Disclosure – Taissia A & Zena Little – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Russian beauty Taissia A is masturbating in bed, oblivious to her roommate Zena Little’s presence, as Andrej Lupin’s study in sensuality “Disclosure” begins. Gorgeous Zena – making her SexArt debut here – watches avidly as Taissia hits boiling point, then tips over the edge and comes. Still riding a euphoric wave, Taissia opens her eyes, and laughs to find Zena watching her. The brunette babes kiss voraciously and Zena takes control. As one of her hands travels south between Taissia’s thighs and rubs her puffed up pussy lips, she uses the other to tug up her top so she can trail her pierced tongue over Taissia’s erect nipples. On the verge of her second orgasm, Taissia splays her legs wide and Zena starts eating her out with a passion that is as intimate as it is lustful. Taissia’s sexual excitement reaches fever pitch, and she grabs and holds Zena’s head hard against her pussy; Zena responds by sneakily slipping a finger in alongside her tongue, driving Taissia to another breathless climax. The roles are reversed with Zena sitting on Taissia’s face, grinding her sopping wet pussy along her girlfriend’s tongue, as she simultaneously strums her own engorged clit until she has an explosive orgasm that leaves her shaking but aching for more. Taissia laps at her lover’s dripping slit, sliding her tongue between Zena’s pouting lips so she can get a taste of the good stuff. She sucks on Zena’s hugely erect nipples, then licks her fingers and thrusts them inside Zena’s slot, making her come and receiving ample attention in return. When they eventually get around to drinking the coffee Zena brought, they find it’s gone cold. But the girls don’t care, because they have their mutual passion to keep them warm. Be sure to watch through the adorably cute credits…
Disclosure featuring Taissia A & Zena Little by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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