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Dominate – Katy Sky & Tina Kay – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Sexy brunette Tina Kay chastises and gags her naughty blonde girlfriend Katy Sky as Andrej Lupin’s highly erotic movie “Dominate” begins. Clad in black, Tina makes it clear that Katy has to obey her every command, and orders her to get on all fours so that she can spank her with a riding crop. As leather cracks on flesh, Katy groans with pleasure through her gag. She grows even louder when Tina removes her white lingerie and starts frigging her pussy from behind, although she doesn’t let her climax yet, making it clear who’s in charge. Domineering Tina flips Katy onto her back and finger fucks her audibly wet pussy even harder and faster, hand slapping loudly against her mound. As Tina eventually allows Katy to experience a full-blown orgasm, the sweet blonde’s body quivers uncontrollably beneath her. Without pausing to let her catch her breath, Tina orders Katy to eat her pussy. Katy readily obeys, her tongue lapping voraciously along Tina’s slippery slit. Tina taps her submissive lover’s ass with the riding crop, then uses it to hold her head in place so she can lick her deeper. She lies back so Katy can finger-bang her to the point of climax, stopping to lick the juice off her fingers, then straddles her face and grinds her pussy backwards and forward on her mouth. Beautiful breasts bouncing, Tina rides to a powerful orgasm, kissing Katy tenderly as she leaves her glowing with satisfaction.
Dominate featuring Katy Sky & Tina Kay by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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