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Don’t Blame Me – Aislin – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Stunning blonde Aislin climbs naked into a bath of pink water that’s filled with glitter and pink paper hearts, a white sheet spanning the tub. The busty beauty lies back in the water and immediately starts to stroke her slit, rubbing her shaved pussy with sexual delight, her fingers a blur over her clit. Watching from above, we see her slide two fingers inside her tight hole and finger-bang herself sensually until she turns and lifts one knee onto the side to play with herself on all fours, her big, bouncy boobs swinging beneath her sweetly. She drives herself so wild that she has to climb out of the tub and sit on the side, grinding at her clit furiously as she cums loud and hard, fingers deep inside herself, lifting her ass from the edge, eyes closed, mouth open with orgasmic pleasure.
Don’t Blame Me featuring Aislin by Mads Lie Helin

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Aislin

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