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Dreaming – Katana & Melody – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Gorgeous brunette Melody is “Dreaming,” lost in a fantasy about her sexy Asian lover Katana. In her mind’s eye, Katana leads her around the pool, caressing her beautiful body; Melody strokes herself inside her panties as her lustful imaginings take hold. She sees herself and Katana locked in an embrace; she eats Katana’s shaved pussy skilfully, rubbing her clit and sliding her tongue into the tight groove between her lips. Melody pinches her own nipple with saliva-wet fingers as she pictures Katana sucking it until it’s stiff. The horny girls finger-bang each other avidly, kissing all the while, Melody’s beautiful breasts jiggling as she shudders to an orgasm. She’s cumming in real life too, her fantasy feeding her pleasure. Now Katana lies back for Melody to lick her clit as she diddles her with two thrusting fingers; after a breathless climax she eats Melody one more time, slow, deliberate tongue strokes driving her wild. Mutual masturbation pushes them both over the edge, and they kiss through the afterglow as Melody comes down from her real life orgasm.
Dreaming featuring Katana & Melody by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022
Actors: Katana & Melody

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