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DVD Collection 2 – Talia Mint – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Sexy Talia Mint had planned on going to the beach, but the weather is awful. So she decides to kick back indoors and watch a DVD. The diminutive Ukrainian makes her choice and settles down in front of the TV with a racy crime thriller, but not for long. Laughing, evidently finding the movie too ludicrous for words, she rubs herself through her panties, before stripping so that she has complete access to her most sensitive parts – especially her sweet pussy. She strokes its shaven folds, then slips two fingers inside the super wet slit and drives headlong towards a body-quaking orgasm.
DVD Collection 2 featuring Talia Mint by Emiliano Camatti

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Talia Mint

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