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Ecstasy – Nekane & Tyler Nixon – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Tyler Nixon spreads oil over Nekane’s sensational curves, the dark surroundings placing the focus squarely on her beautiful physique. “Ecstasy” is an apt title, as the Spanish sweetheart arches up against Tyler’s hands, chasing the stimulating sensations. As Tyler shifts forward to kiss his paramour’s glistening body, it becomes evident he’s hard already and seeking the intimacy of skin on skin. He massages down her spine to her bubble butt, and slides into her, deliciously slowly. They move in unison, oil-slick bodies humping together, Tyler’s thrusts increasing in pace to the accompaniment of Nekane’s moans. She straddles him, her ample breasts bouncing as she rides his cock to a crescendo of pleasure, then flips into missionary, Tyler’s slippery fingers stroking her clit as he penetrates her over and over. Nekane comes again, and then jerks Tyler’s shiny shaft until he anoints her breasts with his load, their passionate massage session ending in sweet mutual “Ecstasy.”
Ecstasy featuring Nekane & Tyler Nixon by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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