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Fire Place – Chrissy Fox & Clea Gaultier – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Gorgeous Chrissy Fox rests her head on sexy Clea Gualtier’s lap as they relax in front of the “Fireplace.” Clea wants her girlfriend’s full attention, leaning in to kiss her, pulling up her top to expose her stiff nipples and sucking them lovingly. She slides her hand down inside Chrissy’s yoga pants to stroke her pussy, lowering her perky breasts to Chrissy’s eager mouth. Kissing her way down her girlfriend’s beautiful body, The French babe strips Chrissy and strums her shaved pussy faster, Chrissy involuntarily gasping and reaching down to guide Clea’s fingers over her button. Clea thrusts two fingers into her tight pussy, enjoying the way Chrissy writhes beneath her, and the sound of her orgasmic moans. Clea peels off her own skintight yoga pants and straddles Chrissy’s face in a sixty-nine, sucking and stroking her lover’s wet slit as Chrissy squeezes her perfect ass and eats her pretty pussy. Clea sits up to grind on Chrissy’s face, fondling her breasts, then dismounts so she can devote all her energy to making her girlfriend climax. She frigs the freckled sweetheart to an intense climax, then lies back for Chrissy to lick her until she’s screaming out her orgasm. Sated for now, the lovers embrace passionately.
Fire Place featuring Chrissy Fox & Clea Gaultier by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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