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Flow – Milana Blanc & Olivia Grace – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Milana Blanc, totally nude, stands in front of the bathroom sink and mirror. Only as the camera tracks smoothly to one side do we see that she’s not alone — Olivia Grace, also nude, is standing before a matching sink and mirror. Blanc steps up behind Grace and gently strokes her back, the lovers share a kiss, and Andrej Lupin’s “Flow” begins. With Olivia standing between the two basins, Milana squats down and begins to gently lick and suck her partner’s pussy. After returning to her feet, Blanc continues to stroke and pet Olivia bringing a sweet smile of satisfaction to her lips. The twosome then move into the shower stall where they continue to kiss and caress one another. As the warm jets of the shower splash their bodies, Milana goes down once more, kissing, licking, sucking, and fingering Olivia to gratifying completion. Once Olivia’s head has cleared she devotes herself — and both her skilled hands — to pleasuring Milana. With warm water flowing and steam clouding the shower doors, Olivia works Milana to a heated and vocal orgasm. And, even as the credits begin to roll, the lovers remain in place, drinking in the sight and feel of one another, savoring every intimate second, savoring a sweet slice of lesbian life, and simply — to coin a phrase — going with the “Flow” of their romantic relationship.
Flow featuring Milana Blanc & Olivia Grace by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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