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Full Of Joy Episode 2 – Eilin Flame & Julia Rain & Maxmilian Dior – Girl Gets Fucked Top


The morning after her tryst with Maxmilian Dior, hot blonde Julia Rain is spending time with her girlfriend Eilin Flame, as episode two of Andrej Lupin’s erotic two-parter “Full Of Joy” begins. The girls are trying on clothes together when sexy redhead Eilin discovers the vibrator hidden under the sofa cushions. She is curious, so Julia demonstrates by pulling down her bra and buzzing it against her nipples. Eilin loves the sensation, so Julia tugs her satin panties aside and holds the vibrator against her clit. The vibration makes her moan and gasp and giggle, and Julia makes it even more intense when she slides two fingers into Eilin’s shaved pussy, then follows her fingers with her tongue. Now Eilin uses the vibrator on Julia’s nipples and clit, making her writhe with pleasure. After her body is wracked by a powerful string of orgasms, she goes back to driving Eilin wild, making her climax over and over.
Full Of Joy Episode 2 featuring Eilin Flame & Julia Rain & Maxmilian Dior by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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