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Gleeful – Belle Claire & Teresse Bizzarre – Girl Gets Fucked Top


As sexy summer movie “Gleeful” begins, gorgeous Belle Claire leaps into the pool, soaking her sunbathing girlfriend Teresse Bizzarre with the splash. Hot brunette Teresse storms inside, followed by Belle – looking sensational in a white bikini that hugs her perfect figure – who sets about apologizing in the best possible manner. Soft kisses turn passionate as Belle towels her sweetheart down, pulling off her bikini top and sucking the nipples of her lovely small breasts, then untying the string of her bikini bottoms too and nuzzling at her pussy. Belle eats Teresse skilfully, licking her until she’s dripping wet and slipping a finger inside her tight slit, making her clit throb. Belle smiles as Teresse’s body writhes beneath her, flipping her over onto hands and knees and fingering her vigorously from behind. Teresse rubs her own clit as Belle fucks her to a powerful orgasm. Belle grinds her shaved pussy on her eager girlfriend’s mouth, riding her tongue, her beautiful breasts jiggling as Teresse licks her groove and fingers her to a climax so intense it leaves her breathless and shivering. They kiss through the afterglow, domestic harmony restored.
Gleeful featuring Belle Claire & Teresse Bizzarre by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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