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Hard To Paint When You’re Bored 2 – Lucretia K – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Adorable Lucretia K may find it hard to paint when she’s bored, but it’s impossible to concentrate on her work when she’s wearing such a short skirt and she’s bending down to apply brushstrokes to the canvas. Her peachy ass is mesmerizing. Her panties split her cheeks, snaking down between them to cup her pussy snugly. Such a sight makes you wish she’d never stop painting, but then the time comes and she drops her brush and makes her way inside. In front of the windows, she pulls off her top, her sweet titties bouncing as they come free. At last, she pulls down her skirt and runs her fingers over her pussy, feeling her sex through her panties. Leaning against the wall, thrusting her ass out, she pulls her underwear down around her thighs and her fingers delve between her pussy lips, grinding over her clit, her eyes lingering over her shoulder. She sits with her legs spread wide apart, and sinks two fingers inside her tight, shaved pussy, masturbating with wild desire.
Hard To Paint When You’re Bored 2 featuring Lucretia K by Alex Lynn

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Lucretia K

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