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Holiday – Ivana Sugar & Lutro – Girl Gets Fucked Top


A couple — Ivana Sugar and Lutro — spend an afternoon wandering the streets of a town in Portugal during the introduction to “Holiday.” They take photos at local monuments, read the headstones in a church cemetery, admire the surrounding landscape, as well as flirting, teasing, and enjoying each other as lovers on vacation do. There’s a spontaneity and naturalness to this pair — if they’re not off-camera lovers, perhaps they should be. And that sincerity and genuine quality carries on through the remainder of the film which takes place in their hotel room. Lutro, the lensman of the duo, shoots stills and video as Sugar performs an impromptu striptease. Once she’s nude she begins to masturbate, all the while insisting that Lutro keep his distance. But a man can only take so much teasing and finally he puts down the camera and joins his beautiful partner on the bed. After eating Ivana’s pussy, Lutro indulges in some teasing of his own — slowing rubbing his stiff prick up and down the length of Sugar’s slit before finally relenting and inserting it fully. What follows is a long, leisurely, and exceedingly pleasurable— for participants and viewers, alike — session of romantic and passionate lovemaking. Sugar delights with her playful teasing and vixenish eye-contact, and she’s a particularly emotive and expressive sex partner, moaning, breathing, and giggling with pleasure throughout. After Lutro achieves his own splashy climax the couple flop down on the bed and review the day’s events via the photos they’ve taken earlier. Two effortlessly convincing performances result in a charming and thoroughly engaging evocation of the pleasures of romantic and erotic love, making “Holiday” a trip well worth taking.
Holiday featuring Ivana Sugar & Lutro by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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