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Horizont II – Amarna Miller & Linda Sweet – Girl Gets Fucked Top


It’s been well over a year since Sexart director Andrej Lupin released the original “Horizont,” which starred Ariel Piper Fawn and Lorena B. Now, in “Horizont II,” the director heads back to the beach with Amarna Miller and Linda Sweet in the starring roles. As with the original, “Horizont II” is less a story than it is an evocation of atmosphere and emotion. With the wind blowing, waves crashing, and the sun shining, Miller and Sweet stroll, run, and amble along a stretch of uninhabited black sand beach. They are both completely nude, “clothed” only with sheets that flutter, float, and flap in the breeze. The mood here is playful, idyllic, almost dreamlike. The music swells and, like the tide, recedes. The sheets are now gone and the lovers are positioned on a dramatic outcropping of volcanic stone. With Amarna spread wide on her rocky perch, Linda moves down Miller’s body until her face is buried in her partner’s scarlet bush. As Miller’s arousal grows she reaches down and feverishly rubs her clitoris while Sweet’s fingers probe and pump with skilled determination. Amarna’s orgasm hits hard and lingers long, and she licks her own essence from Sweet’s fingers in a gesture of love and gratitude. When Sweet takes her position on the rocks Miller goes eagerly to work, kissing and licking Sweet’s smooth pussy and ultimately bringing her to a climax that has her moaning and spasming with unrestrained delight. With its evocative combination of the primal, ethereal, playful, and passionate, “Horizont II” is no ordinary day at the beach.
Horizont II featuring Amarna Miller & Linda Sweet by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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