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I Need A Shower – Cara Mell & Nancy A – Girl Gets Fucked Top


In the gym, Nancy A gets horny riding the stationary cycle. “I need a shower,” she says to Cara Mell, who is beside her on the treadmill. The gorgeous blonde steps under the warm water, which cascades off her back and down between her fabulous, curvy ass cheeks, soaking her pussy. She indulges herself, rubbing her nipples, letting her fingers slide deftly between her folds as the water teases her sex. She gets so turned on that she raises one foot up on the shower wall, guiding a finger up inside her pussy as she grasps the shower’s controls to steady herself. With one hand on her clit, the other slides around her ass and she thrusts two fingers inside her tight pussy, fucking herself deep. She brings herself to the edge of an intense orgasm with her face pressed into the tiles, fingers driving deeper and deeper, finishing herself of with the showerhead, the water blasting her clit.
I Need A Shower featuring Cara Mell & Nancy A by J. Zakari

Date: December 20, 2022

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