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Impress – Aislin & Daisy Lee – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Sexy blondes Aislin and Daisy Lee “Impress” right from the start, hanging out in nothing but sexy white lingerie, both glued to their cellphones. Busty Aislin tries to convince her girlfriend to join her in the shower; when her advances are rebuffed, she dances seductively behind the opaque glass, her body in shadow, pressing her big breasts and firm ass up against the glass. Daisy digs it, stripping out of her underwear to mirror her lover on the other side, gyrating sexily. She soon joins Aislin on the other side of the glass, their touching and teasing seen only in sensuous silhouette. Out of the shower and onto the bed, the girls embrace and kiss with passion, Aislin on top, feeding on her lover’s desire. The horny beauty sucks Daisy’s nipples attentively, then licks and sucks her way down Daisy’s body. She holds her legs aloft and dips her tongue between Daisy’s thighs, spreading her pussy lips open and lapping hungrily. Two fingers in, Aislin finger bangs Daisy with her clit between her lips, flipping her over to drill her from behind, getting off on Daisy’s orgasmic moans. Daisy treats Aislin more gently at first, licking softly at her slit, sliding fingers in with ease, stroking at her wet clit. As she increases the intensity, Aislin arches her back and squeezes her breasts, riding out the sensations. She turns onto her knees, thrusting her ass back into Daisy’s face as she gets eaten to a climax. These blonde babes “Impress,” not only with their beauty, but also with their sexual heat.
Impress featuring Aislin & Daisy Lee by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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