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Incandescence – Alexa Tomas – Alexa Tomas – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Filmmaker Alis Locanta has proved himself particularly adept as a stylist in the single girl masturbation genre. Working with, rather than against, the constraints of the form — just one performer, little or no dialog, and only minimal narrative — Locanta consistently creates involving, satisfying solo erotica. Restless and inventive, with “Incandescence” the artist probes the boundaries of the format and experiments with style. As the title implies, and the introduction illustrates, this offering is “a lighting tale,” and the film, subtitled “A Doll Story,” finds Alexa Thomas “playing the doll role.” Tomas stands before a mirror in a bedroom illuminated by numerous light fixtures. Her movements are vaguely mechanical, the stylized animation of a toy subtly coming to life. Pleased by her reflection in the looking glass, Alexa’s arousal incrementally increases until she can no longer resist her autoerotic urges. She struggles out of her sheer top and form-fitting skirt. Never straying from her station before the mirror she stands, clad only in her bra, garter belt, and sheer hose, and begins to masturbate. There’s a somewhat halting, uneven quality to Alexa’s masturbatory ministrations at first, but they prove effective nonetheless, and she’s soon in the throes of a vocal, leg-wobbling climax that finds her struggling for balance even as she’s transported by pleasure. And there’s also an element of mystery that accompanies the style, beauty, and eroticism of “Incandescence,” a cryptic quality that may well be explored in further episodes of this intriguing new series.
Incandescence – Alexa Tomas featuring Alexa Tomas by Alis Locanta

Date: December 23, 2022
Actors: Alexa Tomas

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