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Innuendo – Ivy Wolfe – Girl Gets Fucked Top


In frilly lace and ripped denim, American beauty Ivy Wolfe gives the hobo chic look a boost of sexual heat as she dances around in her bedroom. Her nipples jut out through the thin material of her dress as she lifts the hem to spin and twist, peachy ass so alluring. She lets her dress slip from her shoulders and holds it at her waist, rubbing at her pussy beneath, perfect breasts exposed. Sliding down the wall, she squats with knees wide apart, one hand inside her panties, before standing and crawling onto the bed, shaking her booty in an erotic dance. The camera comes in close to get a beautiful view of her ass, panties splitting her cheeks, her pussy glimpsed either side of the thin fabric. Finally, she stops grooving and lies back to touch herself intimately, rubbing her slit slowly, eyes closed in satisfaction. Licking a finger, she pulls her panties to one side and lifts her feet over her head, once more teasing with her incredible body. Spitting on her fingers, she lies on her side and grinds her sticky digits over her clit, rubbing it hard, yanking off her panties to give her complete control.
Innuendo featuring Ivy Wolfe by Charles Lightfoot

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Ivy Wolfe

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