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Io Ballo Da Sola 3 – Layla Sin – Girl Gets Fucked Top


The third release in Alis Locanta’s “Io Ballo Da Sola” series sticks to the successful concept and format established in the pair of prior productions, even down to the performer’s hair color. Layla Sin — a dark-haired Israeli national making her Sexart debut — follows in the coiffure coloration footsteps of brunette beauties Candice Luca and Alexa Tomas. It’s a dreary, drizzly afternoon and Layla, barefoot and wearing a tight white dress, is dancing and singing along with music playing on her smartphone. When the music ends she takes out her ear buds and pauses to catch her breath. After resting a bit she begins to get restless. Her hands roam across her sleek silhouette and soon she’s pulled down the top of her dress to expose her stiff-nippled breasts and hiked up the hem to reveal her shear panties. She begins to masturbate, sliding two saliva-slicked fingers into her slit, stroking her clit, and playfully slapping her pussy. Eventually her rapidly escalating arousal forces her to take a seat, and as her manipulations become more vigorous her fingers are a blur of activity and her breathing and spontaneous exclamations grow louder and louder. Finally she drops onto the floor and feverishly masturbates to a powerful and satisfying climax. Viewers get another look at this promising new arrival during the end credits as Layla, wearing different lingerie in an entirely different setting, masturbates some more while shooting video of herself with a tripod-mounted camera. The new dancer in “Io Ballo Da Sola 3” makes a moving first impression.
Io Ballo Da Sola 3 featuring Layla Sin by Alis Locanta

Date: December 23, 2022
Actors: Layla Sin

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