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Irresistible – Lee Anne & Maxmilian Dior – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Gorgeous Lee Anne is sitting on the bed, utterly “Irresistible” in sexy lingerie. Maxmilian Dior can’t keep his hands or lips off her, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie begins. Lee Anne teases her man by pulling the white lace away from her perfect breasts and offering her nipples for him to suck as she grinds in his lap. When she’s squirming with excitement, the raven-haired beauty straddles Max’s face to get her pussy eaten to an intense orgasm. Breathless and trembling, Lee Anne giggles as Max flips her onto her back and thrusts inside her, wrapping her legs around his hips to pull him deeper. He fucks her with vigorous strokes, making her moan and squeal as he drives her to another explosive climax. Bending her double, Max plows into her even more athletically, bringing her to the pinnacle of bliss over and over again. They switch to cowgirl, Lee Anne’s breasts jiggling as she rides hard, then end up in spoons, a final orgasm tearing through her body as Max fills her with his cum.
Irresistible featuring Lee Anne & Maxmilian Dior by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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