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Jacuzzi – Ally Breelsen & Maxmilian Dior – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Ally Breelsen and Maxmilian Dior kiss and grope each other passionately at the start of Andrej Lupin’s super hot and steamy “Jacuzzi,” their body language revealing the fiery sexual connection they share. Ally strokes Maxmilian’s stiff cock, then leads him out of the bubbling water and to the sofa. They kiss amorously before Ally starts to flick the head of Maxmilian’s cock teasingly with her tongue, then slips it into her mouth. Cupping his balls, she bobs rhythmically all the way up and down on his shaft as he strokes her pussy slowly. The gentleness swings rapidly into sexual frenzy when Ally straddles Maxmilian, glides his cock inside her and rides it wildly. Maxmilian takes control, flipping Ally onto her back and eating her pussy voraciously, before driving his cock deep inside. With each forward stroke Ally’s cries become louder and more urgent. Maxmilian takes it as a sign that she’s nearing orgasm, fucking her harder until she loses control of her senses and comes, spectacularly. Maxmilian barely misses a beat though, rolling Ally onto her side and thrusting his cock home again and again, even more intensely than before – until he squirts a load all over her tummy. They collapse into each other and kiss, their faces glowing with physical and emotional intimacy.
Jacuzzi featuring Ally Breelsen & Maxmilian Dior by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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