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Jia – Jia Lissa & Lexi Layo – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Beautiful redhead Jia Lissa is a sexy vision in white, seducing the camera with her eyes, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Jia” begins. It seems she is dreaming of her dark-haired lover, Lexi Layo; and when they come together the girls are passionate, kissing and caressing each other hungrily, Jia straddling her girlfriend and sucking her stiff nipples. She peels down Lexi’s tight shorts and panties, wets her fingers in her mouth and slides them into Lexi’s shaved pussy, then shimmies down to lick her, looking up at her with sexy eyes. Jia flickers her tongue over Lexi’s sensitive clit and sucks it between her lips, finger-banging her vigorously, driving Lexi wild and triggering an intense climax. Lexi tugs down Jia’s panties to bare her natural flame-red bush, nuzzling her wet pink slit and rubbing her clit. Jia rides her probing tongue, grinding down as she shakes and moans, cumming hard. She moves to sit astride Lexi’s lap as they both masturbate, then lies back for Lexi to frig her to a second powerful orgasm. Kissing the juice from each other’s sweet lips, they are the picture of sexual contentment. Be sure to watch through the closing credits…
Jia featuring Jia Lissa & Lexi Layo by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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