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JL Wall – Ivana Sugar & Lady Dee – Girl Gets Fucked Top


The “JL Wall” is a popular tourist destination in Prague, a graffiti-strewn tribute to a musical icon. Ivana Sugar and Lady Dee visit the wall to add their mark, daubing hearts and peace symbols to commemorate their trip. Back home, Ivana uses her paintbrush to tease Dee’s soft skin, before pulling her into a gentle kiss that grows heated; Dee sucks Ivana’s nipples and the perky blonde ups the ante by sliding her hand into Dee’s tight jeans to rub her pussy. Dee gets naked and lies back for Ivana to eat her with great focus and intensity, flipping over into doggy and gripping the bedposts as Ivana fingers her to an orgasm. Now Ivana spreads her thighs and Dee finger-bangs her hard and fast, adding her tongue to the mix to push her over the edge. Ivana rides Dee’s face to another powerful climax, and the heat subsides into a tender embrace once more. As the visionary who inspired the “JL Wall” famously proclaimed: all you need is love…
JL Wall featuring Ivana Sugar & Lady Dee by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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