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Last Chance – Clea Gaultier & Joel Tomas – Girl Gets Fucked Top


“Last Chance” gives French fox Clea Gaultier her first chance to impress in her SextArt debut, and Alis Locanta’s dazzling direction makes this elegant beauty shine like a true erotic star. She kisses her studly Spanish lover Joel Tomas with abandon, Joel hitching Clea’s skirt up and squeezing her fine ass, which is framed by silk panties and stockings. Joel eases Clea’s breasts out of her blouse, tweaking her pierced nipple. Clea kneels before Joel, taking his hardening cock deep in her mouth, bobbing her head over his shaft, then gripping it in her hand and licking his balls. She kisses the head as Joel takes hold of her long auburn hair and thrusts forward into her willing mouth, to a soundtrack of lush, sweeping strings. We cut to earlier, when Clea is getting ready for her tryst with Joel. She dresses in sexy lingerie and stockings, sliding her hand into her panties to touch herself as she speaks to her unseen lover on the phone. Back in the present, Clea is greedily sucking and jerking Joel into her open mouth, the lyrical soundtrack replaced by the juicy noises of their passion. She pushes him onto the couch and straddles him, guiding his stiff prick inside her. They fuck vigorously, Clea riding Joel’s cock hard, her sexy small breasts bouncing in his face. Throwing Clea down on the couch, Joel laps at her clit, making her gasp her approval. She turns onto hands and knees and Joel licks her asshole before plunging his cock up her sodden pussy, fucking her hard and fast. Clea mounts him in reverse cowgirl, letting him thrust up powerfully while grinding his fingers against her clit, fucking her to an intense orgasm. He rolls her onto her stomach and stuffs his dick back into her, whipping out to jerk his hot seed all over her peachy ass. It’s a frenetic portrayal of sexual heat, beautifully captured.
Last Chance featuring Clea Gaultier & Joel Tomas by Alis Locanta

Date: December 23, 2022

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