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Lights – Myiuki Son & Samantha Rone – Girl Gets Fucked Top


As Andrej Lupin’s stunning erotic movie “Lights” begins, gorgeous blonde Samantha Rone and her sexy Asian girlfriend Myiuki Son kiss passionately, festooned in strings of fairy lights. Myiuki lies back as Samantha draws her tongue slowly over her pussy, spreading her lips wide open and smearing her juice over her jet-black pubic hair. Myiuki’s dark pussy is soaking wet as the cute blonde slides two fingers into her wide open, slippery slit, her big natural breasts with pierced nipples jiggling as she rides Samantha’s fingers until she climaxes, gazing into her lover’s sparkling eyes. Myiuki eats Samantha’s sweet pussy voraciously, making her squirm and shudder with pleasure, wrapped in lights. Her cute tuft of pubic hair brushes Myiuki’s nose as the horny Asian sweetheart flickers her tongue skilfully over Samantha’s drenched snatch. They kiss avidly as Myiuki thrusts her fingers into Samantha’s pussy over and over, fucking her to ecstasy, making her orgasm powerfully. Excitement peaking, they finish locked together, scissoring their pussies hard, grinding to a delicious mutual high. It’s a gorgeous climax to a beautiful and highly arousing movie.
Lights featuring Myiuki Son & Samantha Rone by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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