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Little Delay – Cherry Kiss & Katy Sky – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Hot blonde Cherry Kiss watches her sexy girlfriend Katy Sky get ready to go out, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Little Delay” begins. She can’t resist stroking Katy’s long blonde hair and then sliding a hand into her shirt to caress her breasts as they kiss. Soon they are undressing each other, Katy’s hand thrust up Cherry’s skirt to play with her pussy. A beautiful smile lights up Cherry’s face as Katy fondles her breasts. They move to the bed, Katy tugging Cherry’s black lace panties aside and eating her shaved pussy, licking and strumming her clit to make her moan with pleasure. Katy drives two fingers into Cherry’s soaked slit, Cherry encouraging her to slam them in faster and harder until she shakes and gasps through a powerful orgasm. Cherry pushes Katy onto her back and trails her wet tongue up her body, sucking her nipples playfully, then moving south again. She spreads Katy’s legs and holds them up high, clamping her mouth over her lover’s shaved mound and pushing her tongue deep. Katy rubs her own clit as Cherry finger-bangs her audibly wet pussy, kissing her passionately as she frigs her to an intense climax that shakes her to the core. Smiling and sated, the girls agree their “Little Delay” was worth every precious second.
Little Delay featuring Cherry Kiss & Katy Sky by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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