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Lost in a Dream Volume 7 – Julia Roca & Joel Tomas – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Alis Locanta’s single girl masturbation series “Lost in a Dream” is both popular and highly rated, and the format could no doubt be revisited long into the future with similarly satisfying results. And that’s enough reason for this restless and inventive director to take his project in a distinctly new direction with “Lost in a Dream #7.” This is also a new direction for the film’s star, Julia Roca. As noted, previous episodes of the series have been single girl features, and Roca’s four previous Sexart appearances have been in girl-girl films. Here she’s the Dreamer character of previous installments. But, for the first time ever, the Dreamer conjures a partner in her dream, Joel Tomas, making this the first boy-girl film in the collection as well as Roca’s first boy-girl scene for Sexart. And, make no mistake, this is a bravura performance for the dark-eyed siren. True to form, the film shifts from the sleeping Dreamer to the visions playing out in her dreams. And, following the unique, nonlinear logic of the subconscious, Roca’s dream is segmented, consisting of three separate encounters. In the first, Roca and Tomas are relaxing poolside when she’s suddenly inspired to ravenously suck and furiously stroke his cock until her breasts are smeared with semen. In the second segment Roca and Tomas kiss and caress with vigorous passion before Tomas eats Roca’s pussy to an extremely vocal and expressive orgasm. As the Dreamer’s own autoerotic activities increase in intensity the third segment is an absolutely searing screw, devoid of frills or foreplay, and filled with pumping, pounding, grinding, and Roca’s unrestrained, animalistic, and ecstatic expressions of raw sexual desire and overwhelming pleasure. “Lost in a Dream #7” ends with two tantalizing extras — Roca is simply stunning in the high fashion epilog that runs under the credits, and sharp eyed viewers will surely wonder: where, when, and why was she sleeping in that non sequitur of a setting?
Lost in a Dream Volume 7 featuring Julia Roca & Joel Tomas by Alis Locanta

Date: December 23, 2022

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