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Lost In Time – Alyssa Reece & Paula Shy – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Cute brunette Alyssa Reece is hassling her girlfriend for taking too long to get ready, as Andrej Lupin’s hot lesbian movie “Lost In Time” begins. But distracted by Paula Shy’s beauty, she can’t resist kissing her tenderly, forgetting her impatience as their embrace intensifies. She pulls the Asian sweetheart’s dress down to expose her big breasts, sucking them to make her gasp with pleasure. Alyssa’s own nipples are stiff with arousal as she thrusts a hand into Paula’s panties to rub her to a breathless orgasm. Leading her to the bedroom, Alyssa peels off Paula’s panties and goes down to eat her pussy, gazing up at her with dark eyes full of passion. She laps at Paula’s clit skilfully as she fingerbangs her to another mindblowing climax. Now Alyssa straddles Paula’s pretty face to get licked until she’s rocking her hips and moaning out her excitement. She orgasms noisily; not letting up, Paula uses fingers and tongue to drive her to another blissful peak. They’ll be late for sure now…
Lost In Time featuring Alyssa Reece & Paula Shy by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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