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Love For Sale – Milestone – Chapter 4 – Samantha Bentley & Tracy Lindsay – Girl Gets Fucked Top


It’s entirely fitting that the final installment of Alis Locanta’s “Love For Sale” is subtitled “Milestone.” Now that the series is complete it has, indeed, a reached a creative, aesthetic, and erotic milestone, and in more ways than one. And, in a series that has challenged the viewer’s expectations at every turn, it’s only fitting that Chapter 4 is perhaps the most challenging of all. For this final encounter luminous star Tracy Lindsay is joined by busty British beauty Samantha Bentley, and the chemistry they share runs the gamut from one emotional extreme to the other — laughter, lust, control, helplessness, and ultimately boundless, overwhelming ecstasy. Typically a synopsis of a Sexart feature would include at least a thumbnail or rough outline of the sexual activity in the film, but after the build-up of the previous chapters, and the ongoing, unfolding narrative, such detail would be a disservice to the prospective viewer. To fully appreciate “Love for Sale Chapter 4 – Milestone” put your preconceptions about the series aside, and prepare to rethink what you think you know about what has happened thus far. Tracy Lindsay’s most complex and challenging role, and Alis Locanta’s most ambitious and visionary project for Sexart, reach a stunning conclusion in the final chapter of “Love For Sale,” but like so many great adventures, each step of the journey is as important as the final destination, and, in this case, a genuine “Milestone.”
Love For Sale – Milestone – Chapter 4 featuring Samantha Bentley & Tracy Lindsay by Alis Locanta

Date: December 23, 2022

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