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Love to Share Part 2 – Foxy Alissa & Isabela De Laa & Lovita Fate – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Cute blonde Lovita Fate and sexy brunette Isabela De Laa are taking a bath together, as part two of Andrej Lupin’s hot lesbian series “Love To Share” begins. Stunning Foxy Alissa arrives home, remaining oblivious until she takes out her headphones and hears the sounds of their lovemaking. She immediately joins them for a playful threesome on the bed, where Isabela peels off Foxy’s panties and starts to lick her pussy while Lovita sucks her puffy nipples. The girls switch places so Lovita can get a taste of Foxy’s pussy, with Isabela straddling her face to get licked to a powerful climax. Lovita fingerbangs them both to another peak of pleasure, then settles back against the pillows so she can become the center of attention. They suck her nipples and stroke her clit, easing their fingers into her tight slot to drive her to an intense orgasm. Now Isabela lies back and Foxy mounts her face while Lovita frigs her pussy with one hand and fondles Foxy’s beautiful breasts with the other. Foxy shudders through a breathless climax, and they cuddle up together for a tender threeway kiss, glowing with satisfaction.
Love to Share Part 2 featuring Foxy Alissa & Isabela De Laa & Lovita Fate by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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