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Me & Myself Part 1 – Alexis Crystal & Nick Ross – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Sexy Alexis Crystal is in the kitchen drinking wine and discussing a recent sexual encounter with her alter ego, as part one of Andrej Lupin’s clever and stylish “Me And Myself” begins. In this reality, Alexis meets Nick Ross in a steam room; staring intently at him, she caresses her beautiful breasts and starts to stroke her shaved pussy. Naughtily, she rubs her foot over Nick’s crotch through his towel. He smiles, and allows her to expose his cock and stroke it to hardness. They kiss, and Alexis runs her tongue over Nick’s stiff shaft, then sucks him enthusiastically. They switch positions, Alexis spreading her legs wide as Nick laps at her honey-filled pussy, making her gasp with pleasure. She turns so he can eat her from behind, his tongue running the length of her slit to her tight, puckered asshole. Nick finally feeds his hard cock into Alexis’s pussy, sliding into her with long, deliberate strokes. She straddles Nick in cowgirl, so he can grab her ass cheeks and bounce her on and off his bone. Alexis throws her head back, her breathing becoming erratic as she rocks her body in perfect rhythm with her lover. She accelerates her thrusts, riding wildly as she climaxes. As she slowly regains her senses, Nick continues sliding her on and off his cock, and she suddenly gets a second wind and they hump with even greater intensity, until Nick shoots his load deep inside her quivering pussy. As Nick’s cock exits Alexis’s pussy, followed by a huge fountain of jizz, we return to the kitchen, where Alexis’s alter ego is telling her about another encounter, this time a tattooed goddess Belle Claire. You’ll have to wait for the next episode to see what happens…
Me & Myself Part 1 featuring Alexis Crystal & Nick Ross by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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