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Meet my Desire – Lena Anderson – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Sexy American beauty Lena Anderson moves her hands seductively up and down her body, smiles and unbuttons her denim shorts. The winsome strawberry blonde stunner lifts her top over her gorgeous, firm breasts, raises her ass slightly and tugs off her shorts. Her pussy is silky smooth and her hands immediately start stimulating it with rotary finger movements. Her smile broadens when she concentrates on her clit, and she starts to pant and giggle, evidently enjoying every moment. She spreads her legs wider and her actions accelerate as she starts to reach boiling point. Her free hand cups a breast and tweaks the nipple and her panting gets louder and more erratic as she’s tipped over the edge and orgasms.
Meet my Desire featuring Lena Anderson by Charles Lightfoot

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Lena Anderson

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