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Mikado – Alessandra Jane & Anabelle – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Lustful lesbian liaison “Mikado” finds beautiful longhaired sex kitten Alessandra Jane and cute Anabelle abandoning their game to flirt with each other. They begin to kiss and touch sensuously, baring each other’s big, natural breasts and pawing them happily. Anabelle slides a hand into Alessandra’s tight shorts, hunger in her eyes as her girlfriend writhes on her thrusting fingers. She peels Alessandra’s shorts off and pushes her fingers deeper as Alessandra sucks her nipples; then goes down to tease her clit and slit with long, teasing licks. She supplements her tongue by slipping two fingers deep into her adorable fuck buddy’s hungry hole, using them like a cock until Alessandra’s beautiful body is wracked by a powerful orgasm. Alessandra showers Anabelle with kisses and slides her skintight panties down over her peachy bottom, before kneeling to suck on her nipples while strumming her clit. When Alessandra starts finger banging Annabelle’s sopping wet pussy with zest, the raven-haired darling groans her approval and arches her body to meet every thrust. Anabelle grabs Alessandra’s hand, urging her to rub harder and faster until she’s driven headlong into a climax so intense she’s left gasping for air. Alessandra revives her with passionate kisses, but only so that she can continue frigging her while simultaneously eating her pussy. Anabelle strokes her own clit and squeezes her breasts as Alessandra makes her orgasm again. Both emotionally and physically drained, they gaze tenderly into each other’s eyes; it seems this encounter was so much more than just a game.
Mikado featuring Alessandra Jane & Anabelle by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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