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Missing You – Misty Lovelace – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Hot brunette Misty Lovelace is missing her lover, so she deals with the situation in the most pleasurable way possible. The sexy American babe is lounging around at home in nothing but a hat, a baggy sweater and tight white panties, which are on full view because of the way she’s sitting on her sofa with her legs wide open. She smiles as she pulls the panties aside to reveal that her meaty-lipped pussy is crowned by a beautiful bush of hair which she tugs at lovingly. With her coochie still on display, she lifts her sweater to offer a brief flash of her gorgeously perky breasts. Her perfect body undulates sensually as she strips. Once naked she licks her fingers and goes to town on her clit, repeatedly rubbing it until she climaxes – glowing with extreme satisfaction.
Missing You featuring Misty Lovelace by Charles Lightfoot

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Misty Lovelace

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