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Misstep – Angella Christin & Kristof Cale – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Andrej Lupin begins “The Misstep” in the heart of his beloved Prague. Angella Christin wanders among the bustling throng but there’s a perceptible veil of melancholy visible in her bearing and expression. When Kristof Cale emerges from a coffee shop the veil lifts — moments later the couple enter an apartment and pounce on one another in a burst of passionate hunger. They kiss, they paw at each other, they struggle out of their clothes, and Angella eagerly sucks Cale’s cock. They abandon the hallway and Angella pushes Kristof back on the bed. She wriggles out of her jeans, straddles Cale, and rubs the crotch of her white panties back and forth on his erection. After more sucking Angella takes off her panties, squats over her partner, and takes him inside her. The action is fast and physical, the breathing heavy, as Angella’s arousal builds. Next, in the reverse cowgirl position, Cale’s pumping combined with his skilled fingers bring Angella to a sweet and strong climax, but she’s only getting started. Once more she indulges her oral desires, then moves into a sixty-nine for a bit of mutual pleasuring. Then, impulsively, Angella dismounts and rolls onto her back. Face to face, the lovers share several achingly passionate kisses, captured in frame-filling close-up, as they begin to fuck. With one leg on Cale’s shoulder and her hand working furiously on her clit, Kristof pumps steadily and strongly until Angella enjoys another climax. As she savors the heady thrill of release, Cale pulls out and strokes himself to his own satisfying finish, decorating Christin’s beautiful body with pearly drops of his semen. The meaning of the somewhat cryptic title becomes clear in the closing moments of “The Misstep,” and viewers in the mood for intense and involving erotica won’t want to miss a single minute of it.
Misstep featuring Angella Christin & Kristof Cale by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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