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Moonlight – Kalisy & Sybil A – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Gorgeous Kalisy is sleeping soundly as Sybil A appears from the darkness, drenched in “Moonlight.” Sexy Sybil smiles, and there’s a glint of lasciviousness in her eyes as she walks towards the bed, looking irresistible in her lacy white top and matching panties. Now awake, Kalisy – making her SexArt movie debut – welcomes her mysterious guest by pulling back the covers and revealing her glorious naked body. Sybil responds by exposing her perfect breasts and straddling Kalisy. They kiss passionately and their hands roam unfettered all over each other’s silky skin. Sybil takes the lead, clamping her mouth over Kalisy’s pussy and flicking her tongue rapidly in and out of her honey-hole. Kalisy gasps with pleasure as Sybil’s oral technique pushes all her buttons. As Sybil drills her slippery fingers into her hard and fast, Kalisy strums her own clit, having an explosive orgasm that makes her shake uncontrollably. Suddenly Kalisy wakes up with a start – was it all a dream? Still in a trance-like state, she starts masturbating, imagining that she’s engaged in a sweet sixty-nine with her dream lover, drinking heartily from Sybil’s sweet pussy while she fingers her with slow intensity. As the film cuts backward and forwards between Kalisy masturbating and the fantasy she’s creating, the action grows more frenzied. Now Kalisy finger-bangs Sybil ferociously, until both are engulfed by a wave of ecstasy, Kalisy in the real world and Sybil in her fantasy. A super sensuous tale from Andrej Lupin of late night Sapphic lust, “Moonlight” will haunt your dirtiest dreams too…
Moonlight featuring Kalisy & Sybil A by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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